Be Prepared For Your Pets Veterinary Emergencies

Professional Advice to Prepare You for Veterinary Emergencies

Veterinary Emergency Kits

With years of experience working in emergency medicine, Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic’s staff has amassed a great deal of knowledge that can help owners be prepared for veterinary emergencies. Our veterinarians and staff aim to make a lasting difference in the lives of both the human and animal members of our community by providing clients with a working knowledge of veterinary first aid, so that you too can have skills and tools to help in a pet’s time of need.

Professional Veteriary Help to Prepare You for Veterinary Emergencies

On our website and at the clinic, we have compiled helpful resources on how you can prepare a pet emergency kit to keep on hand at home. Having a small supply of basic first aid items, such as alcohol swabs, bandanas, and tweezers, can make a world of difference if you ever find yourself dealing with an unexpected injury.

Pet Sitter Prep

You can also take preemptive measures anytime you leave your animal companion in the care of friends or family members with simple pet sitter prep. Providing a sitter with information on your pet’s emergency caretaker and clinic intake forms filled out in advance are easy steps you can take to keep your companion safe.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions on pet first aid or general emergency care information. The staff of Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic will be happy to help you and your animal family member stay prepared for anything.

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