Pet Hospice & Loss Support From Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

Pet Loss Support & Resources for Owners

Knowing When—and How—to Let Go

As a veterinary practice, Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic is devoted to caring for all of our patients’ medical needs. However, we also understand that sometimes critical choices must be made. If you should find yourself faced with the decision to say goodbye, we will be fully equipped to handle the situation in a professional and responsible way—a way that will allow you to walk away knowing you did the right thing for your pet. Our staff is especially adept at letting these choices be made as easily as possible, and we provide consultation every step of the way so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Pet Loss Support & Resources From Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

It can be the hardest thing a pet owner will ever have to do, but sometimes letting go at the appropriate time really is the right decision to make for the sake of your pet and your family. We do all that we can to be considerate and responsive to the needs of owners as well as those of our patients. Never, under any circumstances, do we want you to feel abandoned or as though you’ve been left to deal with the loss of a pet all on your own.

Pet Loss Support

As we tend to the individual needs of each client, we make sure to keep a number of helpful resources available to you through our own pet loss support library, as well as information on local support meetings for families coping with pet loss in our area.

While it is our hope that you’ll never have to make this difficult choice, we want you to know that we’ll be here if you ever do. Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic’s commitment to good work is steadfast, and extends beyond the veterinary services we provide to inform the way we treat the human members of our community as well. Please give us a call if you would like more information.

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