Emergency Surgery Services for Dogs & Cats at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

Skilled Emergency Surgery Services for Dogs & Cats

Emergency Veterinary Surgery Procedures

With complete emergency veterinary surgery capabilities at all of our locations in Nashville, Goodlettsville , and Murfreesboro, Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic is able to offer a wide range of surgical procedures to companion animals facing urgent and life-threatening conditions. Veterinary professionals remain on staff nights, weekends, and holidays to provide critical patients with immediate after-hours surgical attention.

Emergency Veterinary Surgery From The Staff at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

At a moment’s notice, we are able to provide your pet with surgical treatments for:

Severe injury

  • Run-ins with vehicles and other accidents are all too common in our area
  • Procedures to treat internal damage and musculoskeletal trauma are readily available from our trained emergency veterinarians

Choking or poisoning

  • Household cats and especially dogs may have their occasional scrapes with foreign objects and poisonous materials
  • Foreign bodies and ingested substances can be surgically removed to avoid serious injury or illness, after which point patients may be transferred to our intensive care unit for pets for further toxicity treatment

Acute illness

  • Pets dealing with disease in the long or short term can experience the ups and downs that often come with difficult medical conditions
  • We provide quick surgical attention to treat very sick animal companions during unexpected emergencies

Our complete list of emergency surgical procedures includes treatments for spleen issues and bloat in dogs, a condition common to larger canine patients; mass removals; emergency c-sections; soft tissue surgery; and basic orthopedics. In order to fully evaluate your pet’s condition, we also provide exploratory surgery in any situation where a mass or tumor is detected or when the potential exists for severe internal damage.

Dedicated Pet Emergency Service

Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic remains committed to the health and well-being of your companion any time emergency surgery is required. We pledge to always do all that we can for sick and injured animals and to work as quickly as possible to meet the needs of each pet in a given moment. If you have any questions regarding emergency surgery, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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