Veterinary X-rays, Ultrasound & Blood Work at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

Veterinary X-rays, Ultrasound & Blood Work for Critical Pet Patients

Animal Diagnostics & Blood Work

Fast and effective treatment requires fast and effective diagnosis. Nowhere is this truer than in emergency medicine. With complete veterinary diagnostics available at all three Nashville, Rivergate, and Murfreesboro locations, Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic aims to give each and every patient we see a sound diagnosis in order to provide the best care we can.

Emergency Veterinary Diagnostics at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

In situations where your pet’s medical condition cannot be confidently diagnosed with a physical exam, or when there are too many unknowns to proceed with care, we have a number of diagnostic tools on hand to pinpoint issues in an efficient manner. Our diagnostic services include:

  • Digital ultrasound
  • Radiography—We will always provide you with a copy of your animal companion’s X-rays
  • Complete veterinary blood work, available in-house at all three locations, includes:
    Blood chemistry panel
    Complete blood count (CBC)
    Electrolyte testing
    White/red blood cell count

In every scenario, we make sure to work with as much information as we can possibly attain. However, unknowns and little time to spare are an intrinsic part of emergency medicine, and it is our responsibility as animal lovers and as doctors to do what is best for our patients in a given situation. Therefore, diagnostic services can vary greatly from patient to patient, often including a combination of tests and processes to get the most detailed analysis.

Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding veterinary diagnostics at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic.

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