Full ICU & Monitoring Capabilities at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

After-Hours Vet Care With Full ICU & Monitoring Capabilities

Full Animal ICU

For pets in need of full medical attention at hours when regular daytime vets are closed, Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic operates a complete veterinary intensive care unit. This section of our practice is dedicated to all critical, non-surgical treatment services at each of our Nashville, Rivergate, and Murfreesboro locations.

Veterinary ICU & Monitoring Capabilities at Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic

Patients admitted to the intensive care unit may receive a wide and varying range of emergency medical services. Treatments for urgent health conditions in the ICU may include:

  • Stopping bleeding in severely injured patients
  • Combating liver issues and internal system shutdown
  • Full oxygen cage treatment for pets with respiratory distress
  • Care for long-term disability and acute illness
  • Toxicity medicine

The intensive care unit can also dispense any prescription medications your pet may need while in our care.

Intensive Pet Health Monitoring Services

Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic provides continuous monitoring for any pet with a potential risk of increasing symptoms. Using the best medical technology and veterinary EKG equipment available, we can simultaneously monitor each patient’s complete physiology:

  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration
  • Fluid intake

Nighttime Referrals for Veterinary Care

Rather than send a very sick pet home when they close up for the day, many clinics in our area will often refer them to us for overnight monitoring. We have long-standing partnerships with a number of local animal hospitals, providing complete overnight care for their critical patients. Our professional and attentive staff sees to it that all emergency ICU patients receive the care they need, whether it’s sustained monitoring or immediate care for a severe injury, illness, or poisoning. Look to us to provide your pet with the very best after-hours intensive veterinary care in greater Nashville.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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